Do you know your Aura And Colors?

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Keep in mind that this is part 2 of Episode 3… but is EP 4 over all.
Note, this episode contains meditation binaural beats within. Your physical vessel safety is also important to us, so in all caps we say, PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN WILE DRIVING!!! Enjoy! Today we bring you Clubhouse Audio and another Meditation, to start you off, and at the end as well for relaxation to give a very pleasant listening experience. The link below is the room that the clips are from that we were drawn from Spirit to share with you. We hope you enjoy the things that are discussed like we sure did! Amazing info that is for sure! Let us know what you have learned, also stop buy this Clubhouse room to hear the full thing! Note, all of the audio shared in this podcast and all podcasts from belong to there respective owners and creators, we just are sharing to promote and spread the word. If you would like to be on a future episode, please let us know! We wish to let others that need to hear your message get the word straight from you if at all possible. Don’t worry, we don’t bight! You can be yourself. So if you have a positive word to share with every one, get in touch to let us know! Let’s raze the Earth frequency! Let’s raze our vibration! That’s right! You read that correctly! Let’s get tapped in! Links from this Clubhouse replay Clubhouse replay, if still available: