Author: Dominique

  • There is no such thing as time, or is there?

    Past, present, and future!!! Are they real? Well, let’s ask the Docter.

  • Ep 3 Pt2 Of 2, Ok class, do you know about your Auras And Colors?

    This is part 2 of Episode 3… Note, this episode contains meditation binaural beats within. Your physical vessel safety is also important to us, so in all caps we say, PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN WILE DRIVING!!! Enjoy! Today we bring you Clubhouse Audio and another Meditation, to start you off, and at the end as […]

  • EP3, PT1 of 2, Its meditation time!!! Brainwave Meditation Binoral Beatz

    Hi we’re back, well Kind of… We’re bringing you a meditation track put together by Adonis on this episode, so there will not be any talking for the main part of this podcast, just binaural beats. If you will be driving, please just hold off to the next one comes out for safety reasons. This […]

  • So what’s the Spray?

    So we’re back with more! This time, some laughs, real facts you may not have known, and another meditation to remove fear and expanding your consciousness! And what’s this thing about a fountain, buzzing mosquitoes, and a number? All this and more on this week’s episode! And one more thing, here are 10 foods you […]

  • Grand rising, Opening of the heart

    Alright, let’s get started! Hello class, there are five elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit. But today we start with Water, that’s the rain you hear falling down; light that day and was evening at that time when recorded. You also hear the insects lightly in the back ground as you are sitting out in your front yard, […]