EP9 Lucid Dreaming And SPM

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Happy 2024!

Here’s the last EP from 2023 going in to 2024!

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This is EP9…
This is part two of three, but part two of the first EP of Flashback with Kimberly West.
Today we’re hanging out with The Hippocrene
and talking about Lucid dreaming.
So what’s this small clip about SPM getting out in 2024, what’s that about?
Baby Bash speaks on him as well here;

Who was Adonis?

Also, in other news, Had server relocating going on for the past few weeks, and life been in the way at times, so been M.I.A just a bit…
A little more detail on how Cassie and I know each other, who is all hear in physical form, old but new lovers, and sooo much more!
We’re cutting this show in to Three parts, this is PT2. so the next part will be out at some point later on. Oh yeah, let us know what you think of the update to the music theme!!!
Adonis here, at your service.
Always remember, Love over everything!
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